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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review - Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks

Can I just say....LOVE!!?!?!?! Omg...If you ladies haven't tried the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks you're missing out. They are found at drugstores so easily accessible. You can find them cheaper at Walmart or Target but CVS,Walgreens and Rite Aid always has weekly sales. The retail price for these are about $9-11 each.

I love that these lipsticks are creamy and pigmented. They're not drying like many lipsticks and that's a major issue for me. I have really dry lips and I hate lipsticks that accent the fine lines on my lips. The best thing about these lipsticks are that they don't have any scent or taste to them. I despise the Loreal lipsticks solely for that reason.

The packaging of these lipsticks are convenient and classy. It's a black tube with a colored top so it's convenient to find the color you're looking for on your vanity. The best thing is that there isn't a nudge on one of the sides of the lipstick tube so you can easily cap it back on, unlike the loreal lipsticks. 

The lasting power of these lipsticks is fairly neutral. It's pretty much like any other lipstick. It'll wear off if you eat or drink. I realized these can last up to 4 hours for me if I don't eat or drink and just from regular talking. 

There are lots of colors to choose from but I only have four from this line. I might buy more in the future but as of now these are good enough for me. (Also, because I have more makeup than a normal person should have)

The colors I have (L to R) Soft Nude, Icy Nude, Peach, Baby Pink

As you can tell I use the soft nude quite a bit compared to the others. I would say Icy nude is my least favorite. It just doesn't work well with my skin tone and there are chunks of glitter in it that annoy me. I would not recommend picking that particular color up from this line of lipsticks. I'd prefer the soft nude over the icy nude lipstick.

I feel soft nude would work well with many skin tones and is well...a softer nude lipstick. I also l and love peach and baby pink. I didn't think I could pull off the baby pink lipstick but I think it looks great paired off with a nice lipgloss. Another great thing about these lipsticks are that you don't have to wear it with a lipgloss and it'll still look great.

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  1. I love these lip sticks! They are quite wonderful :) Found you on blog love therapy and I'm now following!