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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Leave me alone!!!

Last night, I got a text from my ex...and it was random and unwanted. Let me just tell you guys, this ex of mine is a cocky, conceited, ungrateful, manipulative, son of a bxtch! (No really, his mom's a total bxtch). I was annoyed but he asked how I was and I said well, and being well mannered, I asked him how he was. (big mistake) He brags about his life and his trip and sh*t in 10 days. I don't give a f*ck!!!! God damn...then he asks me how's school and where I was going...TMI! I didn't respond...

As if that wasn't enough, he texts me AGAIN today...wouldn't leave me alone. I bluntly and coldheartedly said I don't wanna be friends again and I hope he understands and to never text me again. I was already trying not to be a complete bxtch...he didn't reply in a few hours so I thought it had gone through to him...but nope..he texts me asking why?! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU ASK WHY!? I JUST DONT WANT TO! He was never a good boyfriend and i've watched the way he treats his friends and he's an overall bad person. I don't need people like him in my life. God...I didn't respond to his question and I'm just hoping he never texts me again and just LEAVE ME ALONE!

You don't see me going and bothering my ex! God damn! Just accept the fact that the person broke up with you and move on with your life. If they want to be in your life again they'll find their way...if it's meant to be then it will happen. After just being broken up with not too long ago, I don't need to hear men and their bullsh*t. I don't fall for that sh*t anymore. I can honestly say that I never loved this guy. He was my ex from my first year in college and reminds me of one of my biggest mistakes. I don't need him in my life as a reminder. I f*ckin hate him and his drama...-___-''

Thank god for a good workout today...definitely feel those abs kickin in :)

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  1. omg what a jerk! i think ur right that he should move on >:(((