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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Well, Sunday's my day to rest. No gym today. Honestly, it's because I find that it closes too early. Everything closes so early on Sundays :(

Didn't accomplish much today. Was actually a pretty boring day. I had a long conversation with my uncle about dogs. Apparently my Aunt's dog in China is ill and he needed some medical advice so I did my best to help him with what I knew. It made me think about and miss Yoki and Money...my two old dogs. On March 14th it'll be 3 years since Yoki passed away. *sigh*

I went out with a friend to the mall. I needed to return some things that I bought online. Ended up getting store credit and using it right after (HA!). I bought some cute stuff (or what I think is cute). My friend doesn't agree -___-'' and I know he's gonna read this...lol I STILL THINK IT'S AWESOME! AND POLKA DOTS ARE CUTE! hahaha

My family wasn't home all day...I ended up cooking dinner for myself. Didn't know what to make so made a bunch of random crap :p blehh another day of school tmrw.

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