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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review - Maybelline Baby Lips

I know i'm a bit behind when it comes to these but I wanted to get a good deal on them before I buy them. I bought these at Target for $5.99 for the both of them. The colors I have are in pink punch and quenched. Quenched doesn't have any color to it and smells like lemonade. Pink Punch is probably the most pigmented of all the shades and it's a sheer rosy pink color.

The other shades Maybelline has to offer are : Peppermint, Cherry me, Grape Vine, and Peach Kiss

~Has a nice scent
~No particular taste
~Cute and convenient packaging
~Glide on smoothly

~No color payoff(but that's not really expected from me)
~Need to be re-applied frequently (every hour for me)

Overall they're nice but not a must have for me. I just throw one in my purse and car to have some kind of lip moisturizer everywhere I go because my lips get chapped very easily. They're pretty average as far as price goes (usually $3-4 each). I do find these more convenient to put in the pocket than the EOS lip balms because of the packaging.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Review - Ikea Candles

I went into Ikea and saw these candles and decided to pick them up. The first thing that caught my attention was the strong fruity scents. They don't state the size but it's the smaller size candles out of the two they offer.
~Cheap ($1.99)
~Nice fruity scent
~Scent is pretty strong and lingers in the room for as long as candle is lit (only used in a small room however)

~Doesn't have a name for the different scents
~Doesn't state the amount of product
~Burns fairly quickly (Less than the 30 hours stated)

Overall, I think the candles were a nice buy for trying something new. If you're looking into getting some decent quality cheap candles and you happen to be in ikea, I'd recommend trying these out. I know the larger size is $4.99 but they only come in 2 scents and I didn't like them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review - Travalo

Hey guys~

Just wanted to share with you all my thoughts on the Travalo Refillable perfume sprays. I bought the pink one from CVS for $9.99 so I'm assuming they're available at most drugstores for around the same price.

The purple Travalo I have, I won from their facebook page's daily giveaway known as the "Daily Spray". 

These Travalo atomizers are really nice quality. They don't leak and are nice and small. Great for carrying on the go like in your purse. I put mine in my purse all the time and comes in handy because I always forget to put on perfume before I leave the house. 

They're real easy to use. You remove the nozzle from the bottle of perfume you plan on refilling, pump the Travalo up and down on the tube of the perfume, and that's it! They come in a variety of colors and also have cases for them too. They also have colors that are suitable for men for their cologne. Each Travalo holds about 50 sprays. The newer ones they have says they hold about 65 sprays!

Check their website to see if you have it near you!

Also check out their facebook page for their daily giveaways!