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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi Guys! Thanks for stopping by.
Payment - PAYPAL ONLY!
Contact me - yun5492@hotmail.com

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The Chase...

So the last time I talked about "M" was on my 20th birthday (May 4th). Well it's been awhile and a lot has happened. I thought I'd catch you all up on some updates. During the chase, it was really fun (as it usually always is). M and I would hang out more often and he would slowly introduce me to more and more of his friends.

These two pictures was my first time meeting his friends Kevin and Amy. We all went to play mini golf that day, and with his cousin Cindy, and her boyfriend Chris, and it was my first time playing mini golf! I actually won (beginners luck!) and at the last hole, the stupid clown didn't take my golf ball so I ended up keeping it for memories. (There was an ugly huge clown and you had to hit the golf ball exactly into his mouth) I hit it in his mouth 3 times but he didn't want it LOL

We ate a Texas Roadhouse. Their buns are SOOO GOOD!! LOL 

From Left to Right : "M", Kevin, Chris

From Left to Right: Cindy, Amy, Me

"M" Is really into cars. He's taught me a lot about them and I find it interesting. I'll talk more about his car and his car obsession later on ;)

Haha "M"  is so silly. I told him those things were called clutches and he thinks of the clutch referring to cars because he drives standard (manual). He calls this his "Stage 2 clutch". You guys don't wanna know where stage 3 ends up...haha

I didn't realize at the time, because I was still in denial, but this picture was taken on our first date. It was the first time of us going out together with just the two of us. We ate at Olive Garden. He's so silly!

Again M and our friend Kevin goofing around in Target, LOL, one of our favorite stores.

M has been a really sweet guy. The whole time during the chase, he is very supportive of my decision. I didn't want to date at the time but he wasn't rushing anything. He just wanted to get to know me better and he was happy just to see me. He loved to talk to me and would get back to my msgs asap. I felt really special whenever I was around him. I slowly started to fall for him...and my friends noticed too. 

They thought it was really cute and continuously asked me if we started dating yet. They told me "M" really really liked me and I could tell, but we just liked to enjoy each others company.

I'll talk more about "M" later on and reveal what his name is as well :) Just wanna keep it a lil mystery for now. And Our story will continue on next time!

Previous makeup looks

Hmm I have lots of pictures to show you all...But first let me show you some old pics of the makeup looks I did. :) Maybe i'll do a future tutorial? Tell me which one(s) you like!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wow it's been awhile! Mega update!

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging in so so so long! It's been awhile hasn't it? Well I don't even really know where to start.

Hmm...well I have a new baby sister! Her name is Giselle! She was born March 31st and I am 20 years older than her! (I feel sooo old!) I don't get to see her though because her and my parents live in Hong Kong. I know...my life's a bit on the complicated side.

You guys are gonna hate me for this...but I've been eating lots of good food....lol and here are just some pix of them.

Theres a lot more to update you guys on so I'll just have to do it slowly! :)