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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi Guys! Thanks for stopping by.
Payment - PAYPAL ONLY!
Contact me - yun5492@hotmail.com

A&F Tote Bag $35


Brown holes bag $10 shipped

doctor clutch bag $20 shipped 

Jansport backpack $10 shipped

Vera Bradley all in one wristlet $15 shipped

cute bow belt (xs) $5 shipped

Black waist belt $5 shipped

Jewelmint Ganesh Earrings $25 Shipped

Jewelmint Lunar Blue Necklace $30 Shipped

Jewelmint Desert Rose necklace $10 Shipped

Jewelmint From the heart rings $8 Shipped

Jewelmint Wonderland earrings $25 shipped

Jewelmint Paramour Necklace $20 Shipped

Jewelmint Serpentine necklace $30 Shipped

Rotating necklace hanger $10 Shipped

Anklets $10 Shipped each

Banc Watch $10 Shipped

Sunglasses $5 shipped (state whether you want black or brown)

cute hair clips $4 Shipped each

Ipod nano silicone covers $5 shipped

ipod touch 2nd gen case(few gems missing) handmade $10 shipped

ulzzang glasses $10 Shipped

Jessica Simpson heels Size 9 $25 shipped

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