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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bad weather, bad morning...

I looked at the weather and it said it was going to be 66 degrees and warm and sunny...looked out the window...gray,gloomy and rainy. *sigh* So much for beautiful weather this morning...

Grandma decides to annoy me even more this morning by bringing up the past. She kept bringing up Mason and as she went on and on...I wanted to just tell her to stfu. I didn't. Instead I stormed out the house and decided to wait in the cold for 30 minutes for the bus rather than listening to her opening up my old wounds. I'm just slowly starting to heal and she's definitely not helping. Instead she blames everything on me and puts me at fault.

Oh gosh as if it wasn't bad enough already, I ended up losing my public transportation pass...oh no! It slipped out of my pocket while I was in class. I didn't realize until I was about to leave school. I searched the building high and low and couldn't find it. It was a monthly pass (worth $60).

My friend had then tried to cheer me up and we got some lunch and walked around town for awhile. Did a bit of catching up. Even though my friend had just broken up with his girlfriend, he didn't seem to upset about it.

I went to the gym afterwards to do my regular Tuesday definitions class. After that, my friend from earlier invited me to play basketball with a few others. I was exhausted after working out and playing basketball for almost 2 hours. It was fun at the end because a bunch of little kids challenged us to a full court game, and called my friend Jeremy Lin! LOL

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