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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shopping, Gym, Froyo

The first thing when I woke up, I saw a Forever 21 package! Eeeek! So exciting. I opened it and tried everything on and even took pictures to post here for later on but I was pretty disappointed. More than half the stuff didn't look good on me so I'm planning to return it. I guess that's what I get for ordering online. 

I went to Marshalls again today (I'm addicted) and I saw these shoes by Steve Madden. They were $39.99 and I even took pictures for you guys to see.

I thought they're really pretty but I didn't end up buying them. I think the glitter and the peep toe made me not get them. What do you guys think?

I bought some slim anti-slip hangers and a cute blazer. I think I've found my next favorite brand for blazers! (I'll post pix soon). I tried to find cute tops but was out of luck so I decided to go to the gym. I didn't have any workout classes today, so I just did 30 minutes on the elliptical and worked on my abs for a bit.

After the gym, I went to go get some froyo with two of my friends. It was fun and had nice chat with them. We had interesting convos about working out and relationships. (haha my cynical view on relationships...oh boy!) That was pretty much it for tonight, not too much going on for a Saturday.

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