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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday = Yoga (OOTD)

I started off my day with a simple bowl of Honey Nut Cherrios. Then I felt motivated to start doing outfit of the days again! I decided to film and take pictures. 

I'm wearing a shirt(don't know the name, came in a mystery bag) from Stylemint (Size 2)
Forever 21 tank top underneath
Studded leggings from Marshalls
Brown boots from DSW
Wonderland earrings from Jewelmint

Ok now for those of you who are more interested in my daily life...I just went to class today. I had gone home, ate a bit of lunch. It was a cold, windy and SNOWY day. It's Spring, and it's snowing! My friend is a photographer and we decided to do a shoot outside with the snow. It was FREEZING!!! I was so so cold. He also made me realize I have such a limited wardrobe and I need to shop more. LOL I hope the pictures turned out well, because I worked hard for them...my hands were frozen! I missed two zumba classes I had planned to attend tonight for the shoot, but I still had yoga. :) Before I went to the yoga class however, I did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. I went up to the courts and saw people playing volleyball which was reminiscent of when I had played in high school. That was pretty much to my day. Nothing too too special.

Oh! I also won the Seventeen magazine sweepstakes to see the Mirror Mirror movie premier!! I'm really excited! I won two tickets so that I could also bring a friend...dunno who yet.

Tuesdays = Definitions

Sorry, this is a little belated. I felt really tired last night so I didn't blog. Anywhoo.....I went to a hip hop class at the gym early in the morning yesterday. I had been wanting to go but because it clashed with my classes I didn't. I was pretty disappointed with the class. It wasn't very fun or motivating and the class was very short. It just wasn't what I had expected. I won't be going to that class anymore, but it was nice to see what it was like. I prefer my zumba class.

I had gone to class afterwards and then when I got out, I headed home. I went home and rested for half and hour and then guess what? BACK TO THE GYM! LOL There's a definitions class on Tuesday nights so I didn't want to pass that up. It was a fun class that kept me going and I felt it wasn't as hard as I had expected. It's nice because it builds up on top of my body pump class. It was an hour long and as soon as that ended, I ended up going back into the gym and doing half hour of cardio on the elliptical. (Talk about dedicated!).

When I got home I was pooped! Did the regular routine; ate dinner, showered, read a little, watched videos. Oh and of course, re-did my nails because they were chipped! I decided to try out one of the new polishes that I had bought the other day.

Of course I had to add a bit of glitter on my accent nail to give it a less boring feel. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday nights = Body Pump

Ok so I haven't posted anything about my day for today so here goes...I was woken up earlier than usual today because my grandmother was shouting at my younger sister. The night before I mentioned how my little sister's vacation's over and she had to go back to school, but my grandmother claimed she didn't because my little sister said there wasn't school until Wednesday. BS I SAY! I've been in public schools for 12 years, I know how the system works. There's no way they had more than a week off. My grandmother didn't believe me and took my little sister's word for it, but my grandfather looked up online there was school today, therefore my grandmother screaming at my younger sister for lying. (This isn't the first time something like this has happened)

Anyway, I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to take pictures for my blog (therefore the two extra posts today). I also filmed a video, but I haven't edited it yet. Then I just laid on my bed and watched a few youtube videos and ate a bowl of honey nut cherrios for breakfast. I slowly got ready for class, which was at 11:20 AM.

I got my paper back that I wrote about cosmetics (lol no surprise) and I got a 93 on it. Not bad. After class I went home to relax. I keep watching haul videos and wanting to buy new clothes and accessories for spring! (AHH The temptation) so then I decided to head out to TJ Maxx and look for some cute accessories, shoes and clothes. I was really disappointed because the store was practically empty. :( I did however find a nice little crossbody handbag with gold hardware. It's from Urban Expressions and it was $25. Then I decided to head to the gym (ehh what's new?).

I went to the body pump workout class (the usual on Monday nights) and I found myself doing much better than last week. I can definitely feel stronger and look more toned. I'm lovin it! After the one hour session, I decided to let my muscles relax before I drove home. My friend was playing basketball in the courts upstairs so I decided to pay him a visit. It got boring and I'm honestly not close with him at all so I left. I didn't want to go home quite yet, and I felt like I didn't work my abs quite as much as I wanted to, so I went back to the gym to work on my abs a little more. Then I drove back home feeling much more satisfied. Just ate dinner not too long ago before writing this post. Going to take a nice long shower, relax, watch a bit of House, and call it a night!

New Hair color!

So I dyed my hair. I decided to go dark because I was sick of my roots growin in and split ends. I went to the salon and got a haircut and then dyed my hair darker at home.

This is before (ignore the perfume lol) 

This is the hair dye I used. I just bought it at CVS.

With flash

Natural light...

As you can see..it's obviously not very even but I actually like it and have gotten many compliments on it. 
Overall I didn't think it was that bad. My hair looks so much healthier now and I miss having dark hair. What do you guys think?

Old nail pictures

So I found some old pictures of my nails and thought you guys might enjoy them! For those of you wondering, these are my real nails. I just have naturally long nail beds. :)

I painted the ring finger with a bit of holographic glitter to make it less boring.

The essie nail polish is in Sweet Talker and the Milanic 3D glitter is in  cyberspace

OPI nail polish in Sparrow me the Drama

Hope you guys like this!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shopping all day!!!!

 Isn't that just every girls dream? To shop all day and buy whatever freely? Well I started off my day by cleaning   up my room and re-organizing it. I got kind of sick of the way my vanity was set up so I re-organized everything. Then I decided I'd finally go to Marshalls after pushing it off for the longest time. I had intentionally went in looking for a Juicy Couture key purse and some work out clothes. I walked around the whole store and couldn't find the Juicy key purse (I'll find it eventually). I browsed every section and didn't find any nice shoes, or clothes, but I did find some nice work out clothes. I bought an under armour sports bra, a Jockey sports tank and a Nike t-shirt. I got really good deals on them.

Then I decided to head on over to rite aid because they're having a bogo free sale on ecotools brushes. I missed out on that deal few weeks ago so I was glad they brought it back. I got the bronzer brush and the 6 piece set. I also picked up two sinful colors nail polishes since you get $2 up+ rewards if you bought two which  makes the them equal to $1 each.
As if that wasn't enough, I went to Walgreens and bought some Rimmel cosmetics because they are 50% off and I had two $1 off coupons. I bought a volume accelerator in extreme black, and two bronzers.

For some strange reason I've been wanting to get a Beta fish again so I went to Petco and bought a Delta tail male betta fish :) Can't think of a name as of yet...any suggestions?

Next stop...Dollar Tree! I wanted to go to Dollar Tree to pick up some marble/color rock type things for the little fish tank for my new betta. I'd rather not use the gravel because it gets messy and annoying for me. I also bought a few snacks :D

My family had asked me to pick up some bread on my way home so I stopped by Walmart because it was close to the Dollar Tree. I bought just essential; bread, milk, honey nut cherrios, contact solution, and feminine wash.

I was about to call it a day and head home, but on the way home was a CVS...so I decided ehh why not? I stopped by and picked up 4 nail polishes from the brand Spoiled by Wet n Wild. They are on sale this week for $2/3 and I wanted to give them a try.

Today was fun. Just a nice long shopping day by myself. Oh and I also just placed an order on forever21.com LOL!

Hope you guys have been enjoying these posts!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pool and meeting new people

I was going to go workout this morning with a friend at 10AM but being a night owl, I didn't wake up on time. I had then planned to go to a photo shoot (my friend's a photographer) but then it was too windy so that got postponed till next week. THEN...I had planned to hang out with a friend but he the total opposite of fun and spontaneous and couldn't come up with something to do so we cancelled.

I was planning to go shopping but then my family had me help them run a few errands so that took up my whole afternoon. I went to the gym afterwards (of course) and did some stretching and a light run on the elliptical because of intense workout yesterday. My muscles were really sore when I woke up this morning. Afterwards another friend of mine invited me to go play pool with a bunch of his friends.

It was hard to find parking but I eventually did. I had never gone to that place so early or on Saturdays so I didn't know how busy it was. I finally met up with my friend and he introduced me to a few of his friends, M, X,W, and C. :) Not going to post their names for private reasons but it was nice meeting them. X had a DSLR and I had lots of fun taking random pictures of everyone in the group :) I even took a nice picture that I would consider tumblr quality hehe. Anyway, I only played one game of pool (wasn't in much of a pool mood, was more interested in taking the pictures lol) and then played one game of basketball in the arcade with C. They invited me to go out and eat Korean BBQ but I wasn't really in the mood for it since I had just eaten it a few days ago. I was also pretty tired so I decided to head home and call it a night.

I'd post pictures but I didn't bring my camera and I didn't take any of me. That's all for today :)

Lets get personal...

I've never really posted anything personal on my blog before...it's all been mainly about beauty related. I just wanted to vent a little because a lot has happened lately. Let me start off first by saying my boyfriend (now..ex-boyfriend) broke up with me two weeks ago. It'll be a story for next time but it was a real wake up call for me. Since the new year, I haven't had a single thing go right, lost my job, family issues, losing my boyfriend, you get the idea. I realized that it was time for change.

So I joined the gym and I have been going with every chance I get (which is about 5 times a week). I feel so much more relieved and relaxed. It's great because there are workout sessions there that I have been joining and I get to meet new people and be in a friendly environment. I love the zumba classes because its more dance-like than hardcore workouts but at the same time I do go to a "body pump" class to tone my muscles. I was getting a little bored of the typical cardio work on the elliptical. Yoga has also been wonderful...it's so relaxing and soothing. I feel more energetic and loving the way I look more than ever. I lost 10 lbs the first week after the break up but I gained 5 lbs back since then because of muscle weight.

Aside from going to the gym, I have been surrounded by friends lately. I have never been so close with my friends and family before up until now. It's a wonderful and great feeling. I truly appreciate each and every person who has been there for me. I'd be lying if I said I was fine without them because when going through heart breaks it's not a good idea to be locked up and alone. My friends are so sweet and supportive. I've stopped the crying and being "depressed". I've never found myself so occupied on my phone via texting haha (thank god for unlimited text). I've been meeting new people too which is always fun. :)

Now, this comes off strange to me, but my friends think it's normal. A few guys have asked me out and took interest in me since the break up. It's only been two weeks, which isn't a long time. I've already decided that I'm not going to date for awhile because I'm exhausted. I need the time to myself for friends, family, just life in general. I don't feel like relationships are meant for me anymore. So of course, I don't like to lead people on or use them as rebounds, I told them all the truth and bluntly rejected all of them. I just don't understand why people would still be interested after I told them I just got out of a relationship. *sigh* My friends think I should feel flattered but I find it an annoyance. It's the last thing I need right now. I'm not the person to just jump into things, especially since now dating is the LAST thing on my mind. I do have some interesting stories though but I'll probably save it for next time.

I picked up a job (FINALLY!!!). So now like Drake says the only outcome I want is income :D. It's not the best (I get paid minimum wage) but a job is a job. I won't mention where for personal safety reasons but I'll be glad to start the job sometime next week or the week after.

For those of you who watch me on youtube, I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I just really needed time for myself and I haven't been buying any new make up products at all. I've been using the same products and routine for the past two weeks. I'm going to slowly start getting back into things but I want to thank you all for your support. I will be honest, I have been feeling a little discouraged about youtube lately. I don't really get many views or comments from my subscribers. I could really use some feedback from you guys, but I do appreciate each and every one of you for subscribing and following my blog,twitter, and tumblr. Thank you guys!

I am going through some physical changes and am excited about it. I got a hair cut and re-dyed my hair. There will also be a few more changes but that's a surprise for next time. ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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