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Monday, April 9, 2012

Seeing past all the bullshit

*sigh* People are so full of shit, it's not even funny anymore. J confessed and asked if he had a shot at being my boyfriend on Friday. Obviously I said no! and I don't want drama between him and his friends and because J just got out of a relationship. Then he states a bunch of bullshit and says it won't change anything. He didn't really finish asking me out, I finished the question for him because he's too much of a coward.

The next day at the car meet J shows up with his ex, Stacy. At first I thought they were going as friends, but it was obvious they got back together. They were holding each others hands and hugging. I'm like WTF?

This is the girl, J kept complaining about and broke up with her because she CHEATED and lied to him. He caught her on camera too! I'm pissed cuz he tried to play me! What's worse is he tried to play it cool afterwards. Didn't apologize whatsoever! He knows he fucked up. I was with M at the car meet and I met Bao and Jessica. Bao had just bought a new STi and M went with him to New Hampshire the other day to buy it. J's now current gf seems like a snobby bitch. She didn't bother introducing herself and she looked me up and down with a disgusted look.

I learned the day of the car meet that Stacy's M's ex...awkward....apparently she cheated on M for J. What....the....fuck.......? That shit is so messed up! Especially since J's close friends with M! That just goes to show what kind of person J is.

He called and texted me a few times yesterday but I didn't answer. I completely ignored him but then when M, Bao, Jess, MC, and Cathy, we all went to D&B and ran into J. I was startled and felt creeped out. How the F did he know we were gonna be there? I ignored him but asked where his gf was. I thought he'd take the hint. After I completely ignored him, he texted me things like "talk to me when you feel like being an adult again." EXCUSE ME?!?! How about you GTFO my face and I never have to talk to you ever again? His text pissed me off even more! I'm just not talking to him till he apologized for what he did. He can't play it cool and make me feel guilty. It used to work but not anymore. He and his friends left around the same time as me and my new group of friends did. He waited in the car till we all got out and got into ours. What a creep! Stalker much? I didn't notice till M told me.

After D&B we went to go eat crawfish at a restaurant in Randolph. After we all had fun eating, on our way leaving, we saw J drive the opposite way. Apparently he was on his way to Stacy's house. He slowed down cuz he saw us. CREEEEEEEP!

I've been getting pretty close to M recently. It's scary to me because i'm afraid i'm gonna fall and get hurt. I wouldn't be surprised if I do because I fall so easily. It's hard because M and I talk everyday. He texts me good morning and good night every day. He's such a gentleman and he sweet talks but I know I need to be really careful. He's really sweet but thats how every guy is when they're in the chase. At least he respects me and says he just wants to get to know me more. The look on B and MC's face hints as if i'm already going out with him. I didn't ask him if he has feelings for me but he didn't deny what J said before. I'm not sure but I know we do have a bit in common.

He goes out of his way to talk to me. He was hungry but didn't eat or say he wasn't hungry. His stomach obviously didn't agree. Then he tried but he didn't say anything because he wanted to talk to me that night in the car at the beach. We talked until 2 AM and slept at 3 even though he had to wake up for work at 6AM! I'm afraid he'll get sick of me soon if I tell him too much. He'll get bored :(

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