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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years 2012!!!

So I decided to put the makeup I bought from the CCO the other day to work. Here's the finished look. I used the "pink pot" Delft as the base and put the rose pigment all over the lid. Then I used a little bit of the blue storm pigment on the outer corner and blended it in. Made a bigger wing and thicker line for the eyeliner to make the look more dramatic. I also lined my waterline with MUFA Aqua eyes in black.

Trying to mess with the lighting and see which looks better

I put a layer of Maybelline one by one mascara on the bottom lashes and also on the top. Then I added an additional layer of Maybelline falsies mascara on the top.

So Mason's younger brother did my hair. He curled it with a flat iron(Cortex brand) and then did a dutch braid on the side.

That's a better picture of the dutch braid. Looks kinda cool in my opinion with my natural hair mixed with  my dyed hair.

If anyone was wondering, the shirt i'm wearing is from Express.
A nice surprise Mason got me, Creme Brulee. I wasn't allowed to open to see what it was 'till after dinner. It wasn't very tasty but it was nice of mason to get it for me cuz he knows how much i like them ^_^

Champagne to celebrate the new years!

Hadn't kissed mason for a whole week to wait for new years and here it is :)

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