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Friday, August 12, 2011

How I dyed my hair using Palty hair dye

Hi Guys! Sorry this has been so delayed but I finally have the Palty hair dye post! I already explained in my video how to dye my hair but I just wanted to show you the hair dye and the before and after results!

This is the color hair dye and you squeeze this into the hair "activator" and shake it up.

Me just being silly while dying my hair.

Can you start to see the results?

The hair dye started to turn purple instead of green like the last time.

Yay My roots aren't dark anymore!! :)

I love it! :)


  1. woow it looks nice, just watched your video on youtube it was fun :S.

    i'll tell you my hair is light brown and wanted to be blonde for the first time, i bought the hair dyed did it my self... BIG FAIL! my roots got blonde but the other OTL... just i lighter brown from my hair ;n;, and so i just watched your video and learn that i needed to do the roots LAST (it was the first thing i dyed xD)


    but i now preffer wigs xD

    nice blog by the way

    au revoir~

  2. wait, after some time later the dye thing, do u just wash your hair and its done?

  3. Hi! I got here from your YouTube Tutorial on the Palty hair dye. If I decided to use Palty on my hair and my roots grow out, do I simply use the same Palty color to touch up my roots? Do I only do the roots? Or do I add the dye to my roots and then to the rest of my hair?

    I've never had my hair light brown before so I'm trying to prepare with what I have to do to maintain it.

    This is my hair for reference:


    The purple section in my hair is fading and it's the only area that I have bleached.

    I would appreciate it so much if you could reply back to me through email. My email address is dphamdo@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance!