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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My 20th Birthday!

Yesterday was the best birthday I've ever had. I'll never ever forget it. I've been anticipating it for awhile because "M" was talking about it for the longest time and all my girlfriends kept giggling about it. 

So "M" has had the whole thing planned a month ahead of time, right when we first met and started talking. He planned the whole entire day out for me full of surprises, and at first I knew what two of them were going to be. I thought it was going to be dim sum in the morning and then F1. The ironic thing it turns out the two things I thought was going to happen never happened so "M"'s surprise was never ruined. :)

We went to eat at yummy cafe instead of dim sum cuz we were running a bit late. Met up with K and A. Then we had time to spare so we went to the chinese grocery market to get some random things. Then K and A took the lead and drove while we followed from behind. I had no idea where we were going the whole day. Lol

We went to Plaster fun time! It was awesome. My first time ever going and I had a lot of fun. Painted a pink cow! hehe and met up with the whole entire group!After that we were supposed to go to f1 but then it was over an hour wait which was unexpected so we went to DnB instead. Chilled around there and it was fun. "M" won two jackpots on the first try AGAIN...smh has more than 39k of tickets lol He always asks what I want but hmm honestly nothing good to get. And one of my girlfriends decided to have some fun and got a whoopie cushion and played it on "m" and our other friend "K" hahaha

After DnB everyone said goodbye and said they had to leave cuz they all had work early in the morning. So I was surprised because it was only around 9. I hugged all the girls and said goodbye. Then I asked "M" if he wanted to get food and he said we'll get something close...so drove down the street in the mall parking garage. I started getting suspicious cuz I saw our friend's STI and heard it too...hella loud LOL I asked "M" and he said nahh just someone else...we went to a Hibachi restaurant and when we walked in I said "two" for table of two...and "M" walked in front and said "reservation" haha

Turns out everyone all walked in and said surprise! I had never been to hibachi before but it was a lot of fun. After eating hibachi...the waitresses made a HUGE noise with the gong! They brought out the cake and everyone started singing happy birthday to me! It was a hugeee cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top! It was my favorite cake too! Tiramisu <3 
Later after all the singing and pictures...when we were all finished eating the cake...I got caked! lol my lovely girlfriends...<3 gotta love them haha After the caking...I opened up my gifts from "M" It was so cute...came in a Monkey bag...He painted the STI model white for me because I want to get a white STI later on...we're gonna build the model soon. "M"'s so sweet, he painted the lil car model with real car paint. Then I read the cards that everyone signed and "M" wrapped his main present REALLL good...4 layers smh. haha He ended up buying me the Burberry Brit Sheer perfume. So sweet of him. I lightly mentioned it to him when we first started talking and he actually remembered <3 

Then afterwards my friends C&K, and A&K got me gifts from Pandora! Awww and A&K got me a strawberry charm! I was like heyyy!! I wanted this one haha...apparently "M" told them cuz he remembered I mentioned it before. lol

As if all this wasn't enough...When everyone left to go home...I thought the night was over but "M" said I still have one last surprise for you for the night...we drove and drove..and then I recognized where we were...we were at "A"'s house! LOL and he had me turn around...and I heard paper crinkle...I thought he was going to ask me out...but I turned around and I saw a huge Totoro cake! It was soooo cute and sweet of him. Lately he's been so occupied going home straight after work just to make me the cake from scratch <3 Sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me before. It's one of a kind and special. 
Then as if that weren't enough he waited till just before midnight...to be the last to say happy birthday to me...saved the best for last haha ^_^

hmm for those of you who wonder, "M" and I aren't even going out! Yes...he is in the process of "chasing" me...but for now we're just close friends. For someone to go through all this to surprise me and impress me, it's just amazing. All our friends just assume we go out or wonder why we're not yet...haha we're just full of surprises and not going to rush anything...but I can tell he truly cares. I've never had anyone make me feel so special and loved...and the way he looks at me as if i'm his whole world <3 I guess we're sorta "dating" in a way...but just not offically :p He makes up for all the shit that happened in the past..."save the best for last"