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Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Halloween 2012

So of course I didn't do all of this on one day. Mike and I were very festive for halloween this year and probably the most festive we've ever been! 

This year was our first time carving pumpkins! It took about 3 hours!!! We originally planned to go pumpkin picking but due to the bad weather we didn't have a chance so maybe we'll go next year. We went to the grocery market instead to buy pumpkins and carving tools.

So of course Mike carved a pumpkin of his Evo (his car, Mitsubishi Evolution 9) and I carved a pug because Mike and I both really want to get one. I also carved Mike <3 Shirley on the back because I had spare time waiting for Mike to finish with his. Turned out pretty well, don't ya think?

I also had time to paint my nails into candy corns! I'm not a huge fan of eating those overly sweet candies but it's cute and colorful for halloween. I also wanted to try out my new nail polishes that I haven't had a chance to use.

I decided to try a little halloween makeup and drew a spider web on my face. It's sloppy because it was last minute and I didn't have much makeup on me and I also did this in the car while Mike was driving. LOL I had one eyeliner (Milani liquify) and it got VERY dull after this LOL and I didn't have a sharpener or liquid liner and a tiny eyeshadow....it's pretty good consider the limited makeup I had.

Mike and I and some friends went to a place called Witches Woods which has 3 haunted houses and 1 haunted hay ride. It was really fun and i'm glad we went! I had a lot of fun chasing the "scary" guys with costumes around because I wanted a picture with them. Which is ironic because they're usually the ones chasing people. LOL

I did this half skull look for work on Sunday. It was just for fun and we had a little contest between cast members at my work place.

I didn't buy any costumes this year for halloween. Mike and I had a cute couple costume in mind but we never ordered them and because we didn't expect to do anything on halloween. Last minute things came up and I found an old costume lying around. :)

I added the tights and knee high socks and booties to the outfit :) I didn't wanna show too much skin :p

Hope you all had a fun and spooky halloween!